Dessert of the Month

Join our Dessert of the Month Club!  It's easy.  For $100, you get a Dessert of the Month card.  You bring it in each month and we will give you a free cake that is the special for that month.  Here are the monthly featured cakes:


January                                               February                                             March               

Bar Coconut Cake                             Cherry Pie                               Rainbow Easter Cake

April                                                        May                                                  June

One Dozen Brownies                        Chess Pie                                  Italian Creme Cake

July                                                      August                                            September  

Pineapple Filled Angel               6" Applesauce Cake                            6" Walnut Cake

Food Cake                    

October                                            November                                          December       

Pecan Prune Cake                         Pumpkin Pie                                       6" Jam Cake